Welcome to the Pathfinder crew!

Pathfinder’s slogan is Angler Driven which really describes our Pathfinder owners. Many are hard-core anglers who spend their time pursuing all kinds of gamefish in all sorts of locations. From the Florida Keys to the New England shore. From the oil rigs of Louisiana to the Spartina banks of the Carolinas. Pathfinder owners are anywhere you will find fish.

The best part of owning a Pathfinder is the idea of simply jumping in the boat and getting “out” there for a couple of hours. Others plan the entire family’s recreation options around trips on our boats. For some owners their Pathfinder is not only a fishing boat, it is a dive boat, ski boat and an exploration boat as well.

What most of these owners have in common is an unbridled passion about their boats. It is a pride of ownership returning to the dock at the end of the day, dry and comfortable. With all the incredible options and models available, Pathfinder owners have the ability to “trick out” their boats with a lot of personal customization features. Most are happy to share their experiences regarding customizing their boats, especially at one of the Pathfinder “fun” tournaments. Nationwide, on any given day there are more anglers and their families enjoying their Pathfinders than any other dedicated bay boat manufacturer.
Considering a bay boat purchase without wet testing a Pathfinder is a serious mistake. At Pathfinder we are always looking to grow our family. So grab a rod and climb aboard.

Pathfinder. We are first and foremost Angler Driven.